January 2016

The act of using circular forms creates a bridge between geometry as the machinery of reality, and the 
ergonomics of organic matter".
J Burke, Financial Times Magazine. 2007


The work embraces an age-old generic system of fabrication, through superficial, flawed, puffed-up systems
of ideology. All the great movements - politics & democracy, religion & faith, nation & society are all guilty
of such undertakings.


The artist challenges current notions of colour & process, pattern & geometry, material & form, whilst also
engaging & questioning the functionality of the artwork.


"Chromophobia would seem to be an expression of arbitrary essentialism, of essence over appearance,
nature over culture, order over disorder, Apollo over Dionysus". Noble, The Aesthetics of Contingency


"Colour Represents a loss of self - a kind of delirium, a false consciousness, a fall, a kind of death". David Batchelor


Painted surfaces embrace colour saturation & reduction.


Concerning Grey: Grey makes no statement whatsoever: it evokes neither feelings nor associations. It is
neither visible nor invisible. Having the capacity to mediate, to make visible, grey has the capacity no
other colour has - to make nothing visible.


Colourimetry is the process used to quantify and describe physically the human color perception.









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